Full bio

Full bio

Katharine studied Modern Languages at Cambridge University, graduating in 1989. She gained an MA in Latin American Studies at Liverpool University the following year.

She has been a journalist all of her working life, starting as a trainee financial journalist at the Euromoney group in 1990. She then left to work for the Labour party as a House of Commons researcher in the run-up to the 1992 general election. After the election she worked for the Labour leader and front-bench in the House of Lords, writing speeches and advising on legislation.

In 1994 she quit to work in TV, and spent the next eight years at the BBC. She was an assistant producer on Panorama, working on many controversial political and foreign films. In 1997 she was assistant producer on the Panorama team that visited Rwanda to make the Bafta winning documentary, Valentina’s Story. Katharine returned in 1999 as a Newsnight producer, to make a two-part series about the aftermath of the genocide. Those films won a prestigious One World Trust award in 1999. She has also worked as Newsnight’s political producer and as a science producer. The Newsnight science team won an RTS award in 1999 for their work.

She later pitched and developed a series on GM crops for the BBC, which looked at the rise and fall of the technology in the UK and US. She followed this by co-producing an Emmy nominated Panorama in the emerging conflict in Afghanistan with John Simpson, the Dark Ages.

She has since worked in both TV and print journalism, as well as becoming a published, award-winning author and experienced public speaker.

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