Forthcoming – historical novel based on non-fiction, The Nine Lives of Hannah Tyrrell


Yokki and the Parno Gry, (Child’s Play International, with Richard O’Neill, 2016)

Ossiri and the Bala Mengro, (Child’s Play International, with Richard O’Neill, 2016)

Subject: two picture books from the English Traveller tradition, reviews on the book review page.

A Country of Refuge (chapter), ed Lucy Popescu, (Unbound, 2016)

Subject: chapter about how my mother and grandmother came to the UK from war-time Yugoslavia.


Hear My Cry (Hachette Poland, with Diana Kader, 2015)

Subject: my first ghost-writing book, on ‘honour’ based violence, co-written with survivor, Diana Kader.


The Priest, the Assassin and Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Kindle/Thistle Single, 2014)

Subject: semi-fictionalised account of my Serbian great-grandfather’s relationship with the assassin, Gavrilo Princip.

Romani Pilgrims: Europe’s New Moral Force (Newsweek Insights Publishing, via Kindle, 2014)

Subject: long-form reportage on the Romanies and Evangelical Christianity, with exclusive access to the communities. 


Aftermath, (Kindle Single, 2013)

Subject: short fiction on the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.

No Place to Call Home: Inside the Real Lives of Gypsies and Travellers (One World, 22nd August 2013).

Subject: inside account of the eviction of the settlement, Dale Farm, and the prejudice faced by Romanies, Roma and Travellers. 

More information here: 22nd August 2013 (One World Publications)

Blood and Water (Kindle Single, 2013)

Subject: an e-book about adoption and my own search for my Iranian birth father.

More information here:


Disability, Hate Crime and Violence – An Edited Collection, (Routledge, 2012), “Language and the Media portrayal of Disability Hate Crime”, Katharine Quarmby), editors Alan Roulstone and Hannah Mason-Bish

Subject: analytical chapter on the media portrayal of disabled people in the UK.


Scapegoat: Why We are Failing Disabled People (Portobello Press, 2011) click here

Subject: the first British investigative book about disability hate crime, both in the UK and in the international arena. 


Fussy Freya and the Fabulous Feast (Frances Lincoln, 2008)

Subject: picture book about fussy eating.





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